Joint Polish-German Crystallographic Meeting 2020

Our yearly Polish Crystallographic Meeting in year 2020 (Konwersatorium Krystalograficzne) took a new form of an international event to satisfy the need of meeting and exchanging ideas for scientists from German and Polish Crystallographic Societies (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallographie and Polskie Towarzystwo Krystalograficzne). It took place on 23 – 27 February 2020 in Wrocław, Poland. We had 6 plenary talks and lectures in many subsections including: Inorganic crystal structures, Micro- and nanocrystalline materials, Solid state physics in crystallography, Bio-Crystallography, Structure-property-relationships , in situ/in operando studies, Organic molecules and coordination compounds, Lightning talks of young crystallographers, Extreme/non-ambient conditions, Quantum crystallography, Disordered materials and Complex and aperiodic structures and Spectroscopy. As we see the scope was wery broad and even a lecture on structure of a protein isolalated from new COVID-19 was given based on latest papers and discoveries. Additionaly we had the chance to meet main manufactures of crystalographic equipment: Rigaku, Bruker, Dectric, STOE, Oxford Cryosystems etc. Poster session allowed to see over 120 communications. Afterwards we had a chnce to relax in local Africarium in zoo and enjoy some nice meals and drinks. According to opinions of many participants it was generally a very successful event in many aspects.