History of the Polish Crystallographic Association

The first extraordinary General Meeting of the Polish Crystallographic Association was held on 29th of June 2006 in Wrocław (Institute of Low Temperature and Structural Research – Instytut Niskich Temperatur i Badań Strukturalnych PAN,  Okólna street 2).

The meeting was chaired by prof. dr hab. Zofia Kosturkiewicz (UAM, Poznań).

Prof.dr hab. Stanisław Hodorowicz (UJ, Kraków) has been elected as the first President of the Association.

The Society Board was formed by three founding members and 8 members elected following statutory path.
Members of the first Board of Polish Crystallographic Association:

  • Stanisław Hodorowicz (UJ, Kraków) – President of PCA
  • Grzegorz Bujacz (PŁ, Łódź)
  • Maria Gdaniec (UAM, Poznań)
  • Marek Główka (PŁ, Łódź)
  • Antoni Konitz (PG, Gdańsk)
  • Anna Kozioł‚ (UMCS, Lublin)
  • Zofia Lipkowska (ICHO PAN, Warszawa)
  • Barbara Oleksyn (UJ, Kraków) – Treasurer of PCA
  • Wojciech Paszkowicz (IF PAN, Warszawa)
  • Adam Pietraszko (INTiBS PAN, Wrocław)
  • Katarzyna Stadnicka (UJ, Kraków) – Secretary of PCA

On 26th of June 2009 the General Meeting of the Polish Crystallographic Association have elected new statutory bodies. The new Board consisted of the following members:

The elected Auditing Commission :


Until 28th of June of 2013 the Association had 145 members including:

Founding Members – 26
Members admitted on the General Meeting –
on 22nd of May 2006 (Kraków): 41 members
on 29th of June 2006 (Wrocław): 45 members
on 25th of June 2010 (Wrocław): 13 members
on 1st of July 2011 (Wrocław) : 18 members
on 6th of July 2012 (Wrocław): 2 members

Due to formal problems on 6th of July 2012 the General Meeting has decided to extend the term of the statutory bodies by 1 year. At the end of 2012 the Association initiated review of the membership. The Members were notified that due to statutory regulations the Board has obligation to cease membership of a person who has membership fees due for the period longer then 2 years. The Board accepted as liberal interpretation of the membership rules as allowed by the Statute and on its meeting on 27th of June 2013 ceased membership of 81 members.
The Association numbered then 64 members.

On 29th of June 2013 was held the General Meeting chaired by prof. A.Pietraszko. The Board decision adjusting the number of members to the Statute requirements was then confirmed. The Meeting having statutory quorum to introduce changes in the Statute have decided to include electronic voting rules.
During the Meeting the new Board and Auditing Commission have been elected (see Society Board) for the 2013-2015 term. The new statutory bodies included-   The Board:

  • Janusz Lipkowski (IChF, Warszawa) – President of  PTK, jlipkowski@ichf.edu.pl
  • Zbigniew Kaszkur (IChF, Warszawa) – Secretary of PTK, zbig@ichf.edu.pl
  • Krzysztof Lewiński (UJ, Kraków) – Treasurer of PTK, lewinski@chemia.uj.edu.pl
  • Anna Kozioł (UMCS, Lublin), Anna.Koziol@umcs.lublin.pl
  • Agata Białońska (UW, Wrocław) – agata.bialonska@chem.uni.wroc.pl
  • Jarosław Chojnacki (PG, Gdańsk), jaroslaw.chojnacki@pg.edu.pl
  • Marek Daszkiewicz (INT, Wrocław), m.daszkiewicz@int.pan.wroc.pl
  • Maciej Kubicki (UAM, Poznań), mkubicki@amu.edu.pl
  • Wojciech Paszkowicz (IF PAN, Warszawa), paszk@ifpan.edu.pl
  • Marek Wołcyrz (INT, Wrocław), M.Wolcyrz@int.pan.wroc.pl

The Auditing Commission :

  • Katarzyna Ślepokura (UW, Wrocław), katarzyna.slepokura@chem.uni.wroc.pl
  • Leszek Zbigniew Ciunik(UW, Wrocław), leszek.ciunik@chem.uni.wroc.pl
  • Lucjan Jerzykiewicz (UW, Wrocław), lucjan.jerzykiewicz@chem.uni.wroc.pl

On the Inaugural Board Meeting the Board have accepted 7 new members increasing the Association membership to 72.

The General Assembly of  June 26th 2015  accepted rules for awarding annual prize of  PTK. The prize will be awarded for an outstanding contribution to crystallography in Poland. The PTK menbership has been increased to 88.

During the General Assembly session of June 24th 2016 the annual prize has been awarded for the first time.  The elected jury decided to honor dr. Damian Kucharczyk for his outstanding services to Polish crystallographic community (see ‘About us’ —> ‘Annual  prize of PCrA’ ). Honorary diploma went to prof. Adam Pietraszko for his long standing efforts to integrate Polish crystallographic community and establishing Wrocław and the Crystallographic Seminar as a gathering site of all Polish crystallographers.
During its General Meeting the Association elected new President- prof.  Marek Główka and new Board:

  • Agata Białońska (UW, Wrocław), agata.bialonska@chem.uni.wroc.pl
  • Anna Bujacz (PŁ, Łódź), – Treasurer of PTK, anna.bujacz@p.lodz.pl
  • Jarosław Chojnacki (PG, Gdańsk), jaroslaw.chojnacki@pg.edu.pl
  • Marek Daszkiewicz (INT, Wrocław), m.daszkiewicz@int.pan.wroc.pl
  • Maria Gdaniec (UAM, Poznań), magdan@amu.edu.pl
  • Marek Główka (PŁ, Łódź) – President of PTK, marekglo@p.lodz.pl
  • Mariusz Jaskólski (UAM, Poznań), mariuszj@amu.edu.pl
  • Zbigniew Kaszkur (IChF, Warszawa) , zbig@ichf.edu.pl
  • Janusz Lipkowski (IChF, Warszawa), jlipkowski@ichf.edu.pl
  • Małgorzata Szczesio (PŁ, Łódź)- Secretary of PTK, malgorzata.szczesio@p.lodz.pl
  • Marek Wołcyrz (INT, Wrocław), M.Wolcyrz@int.pan.wroc.pl

and new Auditing Commission :

  • Leszek Zbigniew Ciunik(UW, Wrocław), leszek.ciunik@chem.uni.wroc.pl
  • Lucjan Jerzykiewicz (UW, Wrocław)-Secretary, lucjan.jerzykiewicz@chem.uni.wroc.pl
  • Katarzyna Ślepokura (UW, Wrocław)- Chair, katarzyna.slepokura@chem.uni.wroc.pl

The Assembly accepted new members increasing the Association membership to 92 .

All the Members wishing to enjoy the PCA membership are kindly asked to pay the due fees to the bank account given below:

The annual regular fee was set as : 40.0 PLN‚ (PLN – Polish Zloty)
The annual fee for students : 20.0 PLN‚


Polskie Towarzystwo Krystalograficzne
ul. Gronostajowa 2, 30-387 Kraków
Bank Pekao SA II O/łódź, Filia Nr 4
Account number 12 1240 5527 1111 0010 6880 2737

with bank transfer note: membership fee for 20XX