Annual prize

2016 prize of Polish Crystallographic Association has been awarded to dr Damian Kucharczyk

IMG_1589cfor his significant contribution to development of Polish crystallography.  Dr Kucharczyk played major role in a market success of KUMA diffraction company constructing modern diffractometers for single crystal crystallographers.  Many Polish crystallographic laboratories build up its scientific merits working on KUMA products. The company then has been taken over by several leading producers of diffraction equipment finally being  acquired by Rigaku-Denki.

During all these years dr Kucharczyk continued valuable support for Polish crystallographic community and in particular for Committee of Crystallography (Polish Academy of Sciences) and Polish Crystallographic Society.


IMG_1595The prize consists of a formal diploma and glass cube statue with 3D engraved Wigner-Seitz cell of fcc lattice with surrounding network of atoms and three-fold symmetry axis.

The prize is presented by the Association President Prof. Janusz Lipkowski.